Last Day for Comments on City’s Plans for Joyce Area


Hi folks! Today (March 4) is the last day to submit comments to the City for the Joyce Station Precinct Review. If you have been following our work, you know that we have been engaging hundreds of our neighbours and community members.

We want fair, accessible and community oriented city planning and consultation. We are asking to preserve the affordability of our neighbourhood and resisting displacement. You can support low-income and working class families by hitting some of these points in your online comments.

-The Tenant Relocation policy will not protect families being priced out or displaced if they live in Single Family Homes. (JARA surveyed all homes in the City’s plans and majority wish to Stay in the neighbourhood).

-Will seniors in Columbus Tower, which is a 100% social housing building for seniors ($450-600/month) be protected and relocated? Please make public the plan for these seniors and be proactive about communicating with the tenants.

-The City does not have a clear definition of what “affordable” is. It should be based on the current median income of the families that reside in the joyce area now.

-The City suggests there is opportunity for more affordable housing units. BC Housing was called and they are unaware of the opportunity to collaborate with the City. Please provide a statement from BC Housing on facts and figures for your social housing plans. 

-Our neighbourhood is 73% ESL we need more language accessibility for consultation.

-The City does not have a clear idea of what amenities are needed by the community. Our community dialogues and surveys show that our neighbours want a recreational facility, a library and seniors centre.


Above all, city planners should not be advancing the plans at such a fast pace. It is said that the plans will go before City Council in June. In the past, city planners, developers and residents met monthly for 7 years to plan our area. Please work with JARA and other community members to plan for the community not just profitability.

Submit your comments by clicking “tell us what you think”

Community Dialogue hosted at Collingwood Neighbourhood House V5R 6C9










One thought on “Last Day for Comments on City’s Plans for Joyce Area”

  1. No, do not make any high rise near Joyce area. I know a lot of people who do not want Joyce to turn into a high rise. you do realize that no one will move out of there house. Joyce is a lovely place. And many people love it. Do not build any Highrises in Joyce.

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