6 Things You Should Know about the Joyce Station Precinct Review

The Joyce Station Precinct Review is being presented to Vancouver City Council next week (June 14 and 15). Local residents have been outspoken about their concerns with the plan since last year. Here are 6 things you should know about the plans.

6 Things you should know about the Joyce Station Precinct Review 

Joyce Area Residents Association and supporters at the Joyce Station Precinct Review Open House Feb 2016
  1. Single Family Homes (SFH) are in Danger of being rezoned for townhomes, apartments, and towers. The single-family homes in our neighbourhood are often working-class, immigrant, multi-family and multi-generational. Many of our SFH already have renters, making our neighbourhood quite dense already. 
  1. The Public Benefits Strategy will not meet the needs of the existing community. 
  1. No clear commitment to affordable, social, and below-market rental housing. City planners have discussed the *potential* for building social housing on city-owned land but there are no clear commitments in the plan outlining timelines, money allotted or number of units.
  1. Possibility of Displacement, pushing low to middle-income families further and further out of the City. Renters in single family homes will not be protected by the City’s Tenant Relocation plan.
  1. Traffic & Transit no clear traffic strategy to accommodate increasing density in an area that is already very congested and is home to many seniors, causing safety concerns.
  1. Local businesses, which are mostly immigrant owned, and residents directly impacted were not consulted until the end of the planning process with a push from the Joyce Area Residents Association

(Note that we are still updating these 6 things you need to know as we review the latest doc released by the City.)
The Joyce Area Residents Association (JARA) and all of its supporters have been working hard since November 2015 to engage hundreds of neighbours and community members to push for better planning in our area. We pushed for more language accessibility in our 73% ESL neighbourhood and more thorough consultation. JARA has also worked with other community stakeholder groups to develop a draft Community Amenity Contribution plan. 

Please come support us at City Hall on June 15, 2016 as the plans go before City Council. We appreciate your solidarity! https://www.facebook.com/events/1704172079845839/

If you are a local resident or community member:

  1. Come to our meeting on Thursday, June 9 at 6:30 pm at Collingwood Neighbourhood House
  2. Get yourself a Lawn Sign to put in front of your house (it reads: This is our Home. Development without displacement).
  3. Sign our collective letter at the meeting and get everyone in your household to sign too.
  4. Show up on June 15th at City Hall to support your neighbours speaking to City Council!

If you are in solidarity with the residents of our neighbourhood:

  1. Come to City Hall on June 15 to show your support as residents speak in front of city council.

I want to do MORE, what can I do to help?!

For more, check out the most recent document that city planners released: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/joyce-collingwood-station-precinct-plan-draft.pdf

Check out our neighbourhood survey JARA Community Dialogue Report March 2016, in which we knocked on the doors of every Single Family Home in the plans.



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