The Joyce Area Residents Association met with senior city planners mid December 2015 to discuss some of our demands and concerns. As a community, we need to continue to raise our concerns and demand accountability from planners.


Our demands:

  1. We fear that vulnerable residents and retailers will be displaced or priced out due to demolitions and increasing unaffordability. We demand protections for vulnerable residents and retailers so they can remain in the neighbourhood.
  1. The consultation process is inaccessible, incomprehensive, and not transparent. The City has refused to translate plans and feedback materials into multiple languages, alienating community members that do not speak English as a first language. We demand that all Joyce Station Precinct Review processes and materials are multilingual.

3. The towers proposed at Joyce Station intersection are 100% market condos and there are no concrete plans for community amenities and social housing, despite Affordable Housing being one of Joyce Collingwood’s top 3 needs assessed by City planners and community stakeholders. We demand that City planners follow through with BC Housing to outline a clear plan in the Precinct Review to secure 100% social housing sites for the future.

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